If you are a facetime time fan but can’t afford apple product or may don’t like restriction with apple environment, then you have arrived at right placed where we are going to share with your method through which you can able to use facetime on android device easily. But before just into that topic, i would like to take you through the journey of facetime since its inception.I hope this article will help you in downloading facetime for Android devices.

Why You Should  Download Facetime For Android?

Facetime is a Mac and Apple IOS App used for video technology. This app is only released for apple products. Facetime app used for video conferencing and has its great impact on people. Through this app, people can video conference from any part of the world due to the easy to use a feature. Facetime is an apple product. There are also many substitutes of Facetime which are available for android gadgets such as Tango, Skype, and many other but did not satisfy users need. Facetime features are easy to use, one touch dial, etc. Video conferencing makes peoples live easier, as through Facetime app one can video conference to the other at any time they want. Connecting with many people from business and school has also been made possible because of video conferencing. Now, a day’s many gadgets allow people to do video conferencing. Facetime app makes its first appearance on the iPhone devices working next to the handset’s built in front facing the camera. The user can only use the Facetime app if the person you are speaking too has a device with the Facetime app & a front facing camera.  Facetime app requires active data connection or internet for the conference, and then only you can carry the conference.

Facetime for Android

How to use & Install Facetime on Android phones?

Facetime app is especially useful if people are contacting someone overseas, to avoid particularly high call charges allied with calling foreign numbers on a telephone. The Facetime app comes highly recommended because it is free. Facetime app also allows video calling via your phone number or also from contact email. On the whole, it is a video telephony as well as VOIP i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol. At first Facetime app only works on the wireless network (Wi-Fi) but after the release of latest versions of IOS people can also use Facetime app over cellular data such as LTE or 3G. Unfortunately, Facetime app does not support any installation on a PC. Like any other Apple products, most of the software’s are authorized by Apple and only being used within the Apple product and network. Apple’s does not allow freedom for integration with another outside system. Facetime app is already pre-installed in the in Apple device and can use both cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi. Facetime app is free to use the only cost of money people have to suffer the subscription of their cellular network for their device that normally covers data coverage and also their internet bills. Facetime app only uses 3MB of data/minute of conversation. The cost to your internet bill will very much depend on how long you are using Facetime app. As Facetime is a video application, therefore it consumes and transfers a lot of data.

 Features of Facetime for Android

The smooth connection of Facetime very much depends on the speed of the internet and Wi-Fi connection. Facetime app does not use minutes as normal mobile coverage plan. The communication is done through cellular data via LTE or 3G. Facetime app uses phone numbers to connect to the people; it does not influence your mobile phone minutes as Facetime app only uses the phone number as the contact address. Facetime has changed the way of communication with others. A world known developer XDA developed Facetime app for android and are developing Facetime app for window PC too. The video version of Facetime supports any IOS device with a front facing camera. Facetime for Android is now also possible even if you do not have any Apple device or any other gadgets. XDA team has created this special application for Android users, allowing the user to Facetime to others without the use of any Apple Gadgets.

This Facetime app works on all android devices. Now, Facetime is not the prime video conferencing software, though it the most recognized and used application on this sphere. Most of the peoples are interested in using this app. Android will allow the user to use Facetime for android & download well-known with different workarounds, hacks, and other adjustments. This enables the various attributes and programs that were not utilized properly when using the previous gadget models. Facetime app enables the user to go online through video media conversation with another user, even if they are using the same chat blog. Now, Google Android also provides the Facetime features on their phones.

Facetime app for android is made viable only by stealing all the code of the Apple’s IOS policy to the android- apk file then rephrases those codes so that they can work with Android. These app codes took a long time to change but soon the developers gained success in this.

Steps to Facetime on android phone – Download

  • Download and install the RAR file to the computer and extract apk and the notepad file using Winrar
  • Now, install the file on your android device & open it.
  • Now, enter the code, which is present in the notepad file.
  • Now, enter your username and email address. This will be your Facetime ID.
  • Enjoy calling to Facetime user you want.
 Hope you liked this article on How to Download and install Facetime for Android and iOS smartphones. Comment below if you need any help.